Bucket list

In no particular order:

  1. Learn to drive
  2. Adopt a puppy from a homeless shelter
  3. Learn a modern language
  4. Read the entirety of the Divine Comedy
  5. Learn to play the cello
  6. Learn to sew
  7. Attend the Glastonbury music festival
  8. Attend VidCon
  9. Visit Disneyland
  10. Study art history
  11. Visit the Sistine Chapel
  12. Ride a gondola
  13. Go kayaking and/or snorkeling
  14. See the Aurora Australis
  15. See the change of guards at Buckingham
  16. Attend the Rio Carnival
  17. Visit Bordeaux and trek through the vineyards
  18. Float about in the Dead Sea
  19. Visit Vatican City
  20. See St Peter’s Basilica
  21. Learn to throw darts
  22. Learn to wreath flowers
  23. Do my parents proud
  24. Work for the United Nations
  25. Study at Oxbridge
  26. Volunteer at a charity organisation
  27. Visit the Schonbrunn palace
  28. Visit the Dalai Lama
  29. Go stargazing
  30. Attend a Coldplay concert
  31. Meet Angela Merkel
  32. Watch a Broadway musical
  33. Write a book
  34. Master any cuisine
  35. Meet Andrew Scott
  36. Cosplay
  37. Own a classic Burberry trench-coat
  38. Get a walk-in closet
  39. Marathon all Marvel movies
  40. Also Marathon all the LotR extended versions + Hobbit movies
  41. Drink authentic Irish beer
  42. Attend St Patrick’s Day celebrations
  43. Eat sushi
  44. Learn to play at least one card game
  45. Visit the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings
  46. Go shopping in Istanbul
  47. Visit the Hagia Sophia whilst in Istanbul
  48. Visit the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford
  49. Study ancient philosophy
  50. Attempt to climb the Great Wall of China

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