The biography of the most interesting person on earth


I’m Harshita, the nineteen year old reluctant adult (reluctant about adulthood, that is, not about running the blog) behind this blog.  I’m currently a student of English literature and philosophy at the University of Delhi. Books, feminism and animals are among the things I’m most passionate about; although toast, 30 Seconds to Mars and Disney and Pixar movies do come in close on the list. For an agnostic, I’m far too interested in religion and theology. Massively pro-LGBT and pro-choice. I’m chock-full of useless trivia (for example, did you know that men in Egypt were the first to use heels? They were primarily used by butchers so that they wouldn’t step into the blood and gore).

I will defend James Potter to the end of the earth. Anti-Snape. Anti-Moffat. Harry Potter is pretty much life.



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