The difference a year can make


It’s been aeons since I blogged, but in my defence, motivation- the writer’s greatest friend/fiend deserted me and I found myself lacking a muse.

Regardless, I’m back now, and despite how ominous the title sounds, I can assure you it won’t be.

Sooo anyway, I am in my second year at college now! I would insert some nostalgic musing about how fast time flies, but at the fear of sounding like a middle-aged woman at a family reunion, I desist.
Yes, I’m officially done with year one of college. Two more years, bring it on!

I remember vividly my first day at college- butterflies named fear, excitement, anticipation, doing a salsa in my stomach. I remember the serpentine lines of freshers, like me, waiting at the main office, to file some paperwork to assure the officials that we weren’t gun-wielding overlords.

My first day was actually quite anticlimactic- after settling down, we found out that classes wouldn’t begin for at least a week. My enthusiasm fizzled out faster than a faulty firework. I didn’t meet any of my current friends that day, either- most of them I would meet at various points in the subsequent year.

I remember feeling lost- in spite of being surrounded by throngs of people just like me- fresh out of school, stepping into a new, new world. I felt lost because of the mammoth building. I felt lost because of the sprawling campus. I felt lost because of the hoi polloi. I didn’t realise that I would soon be one of them ( I mean, I did, but if I admitted to that, the trope of the new, confused student is pretty much ruined).

Now cut to the second year, which is as different from last year as humanly possible.

No, the sprawling campus is still there. The throngs of people are still there.

But the thing that is different is the assurance that I have a bunch of friendly faces somewhere in that crowd.

The assurance of familiar professors and their familiar teaching methods and their now boring, goofy jokes.

The assurance that no, there are no scowling seniors who will beat me up and steal my cold coffee right out of my hands.

The assurance that no matter what, things can’t get too bad because you have a group of complete nutters and amazing professors to boot.


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